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Here are 5 new updates to All Green lip balm!

1. Manufacturing – We are now Made in the USA! We’ve moved our manufacturing from Canada to a larger facility in the States.

2. Improved Formula – After plenty of experimenting we achieved the unimaginable, we’ve made our formula even better than before! That’s right, it was the balm before but we are determined to offer you the absolute dopest lip balm your mouth has ever met! So say hello to our new OG whose a little smoother, tastier and stronger than our last. You’ll be homies before you know it and tossing out your other balms for good!

3. Vegan – We’re buds with the bees and now use Candelilla Wax instead of Beeswax. Bees are probably our hardest workers..they help create some of the plants used to create our lip balm! We decided it was pretty messed up to disrupt the bees while making our balm so we’re 100% plant-based!

4. Flavors – We will offer our OG Kush regularly and will be doing limited edition runs of your favorite flavors/strains. Check out our post “Where did all the other All Green flavors go?” for more info and to comment on which flavor you want to see next!

5. New Easy-Twist Tab – You may have noticed our tubes have a new easy twist tab seal now…TWIST ONE and enjoy!

We love feedback from our All Green Buds! Please comment below and let us know what you think about our OG Kush!

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